Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What We've All Been Waiting For

"Ladies and gentlemen welcometo the museum. Tonight we are proud to unveil our greatest exhibit yet. A creature so rare it was believed to be extinct. Well tonight we shall see. Ladies and gentlemen, in captivity for the first time the rarest creature on earth: Aves-Cyrus."

With this statement, Miley's new video gave beginning! Its premiere was yesterday as you may have already known, and I would like to say that I am personally rather disappointed with it. I expected the song to be way better and have a better rhythm. However, it is a way of Miley to show who she really is and what she really likes. This i how she demonstrates all followers the Hannah Montana and Miley Stewart were only Disney characters that shall not be confused with who she really is.

The video presents Miley in a birdcage full of feathers in a museum. The actual video was very well done and the clothes were great! I think the production did a great job indeed and all those crops and features added were amazing. My favorite part was at the beginning when "Aves-Cyrus" is just sitting there in the cage and a viewer takes a picture. I found it very unique and fun that when the flash hit the "creatures'" eyes, it woke up and woke up the world.

After seeing the video I was like, Wow! Miley indeed "can't be tamed".

- Michelle Katz

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