Thursday, April 8, 2010

Laughing Out Loud In Theaters

Miley's acting skills were criticized in her last movie, and critics demanded much more and perfection for her next one! But guess what dear followers! Even though Cyrus just finished filming The Last Song, she will be seen on theaters again really soon! Together with Demi Moore, Miley will be star in the remake of a French film called LOL, directed by Lisa Azuelos which will begin filming this july!

Cyrus will have to play a dramatic role, as a fifteen year-old who faces her parents divorce and her first heartbreak, while Moore will be playing the role as Miley's recently divorced mother. Here comes the discussion about the title of this film, what's so funny about this? Well, the title actually refers to the lead actress' obsession with instant messaging and her name, Lola.

Even though there is no set date for the release of this American project, Miley stated that this is only one of four movies that she is signed up for this year.

Mother an daughter? Look alikes?

- Michelle Katz

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Against The Critics

As you may already know, after Miley's Walt Disney movie of 2008, Bolt, where she protagonized the voice of Penny, came out her last Disney production, Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009) which caused a huge sensation to all Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus followers! It was recognized as one of the greatest movies of the time for teens and youngsters with not only a plain plot and solution just like most films, but it also left a valuable message to the enthusiastic audience! Singing, dancing, and even crying was included throughout this extravagant movie, and after all, it always reflected Miley's life and the advantage of having "the best of both worlds". However, that wasn't expected to be Miley's last movie featuring Hannah Montana, but it was. :(

The Last Song which is now on theaters, has been the first movie starring Miley Cyrus as herself and not as the once pop star, Hannah Montana. It was expected to be a complete hit, but movie critics have tried their hardest to embarrass Miles and destroy her dream of being a successful actress. Even though they have judged Miley's skills and claimed her acting as unconvincing, her film reached the top five at the Box Office this week.

Sadly, it didn't classify as the top 3, but we still have to keep in mind that it has only passed one week since its release date, and even though it has been considered as a mediocre result by many medias, its rating levels can boost up in a few hours!

And for those of you who haven't seen the movie: What are you waiting for?! Get your butts in those theaters right now! ;)

Miley has been protagonist for 3 consecutive years in extremely good movies, lets give her our support in order to make this year as successful as the rest!

Following, you will find an interview of Miley talking about her new movie and the changes she has gone through since Hannah Montana.

- Michelle Katz

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ex-Hannah Montana Steals the Night

Apparently, even when quitting the show and the character Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus won the award for the best actress in the Kid's Choice Awards hosted by Nickelodeon, precisely due to her performance in the Hannah Montana Movie.

Accompanied by her parents, she gladly accepted the prize and blessed all those in the audience. That's right.... Miley seemed to be very connected to her religious side this very night and thanked specially God for allowing her to "spread her music" and receive such recognition. It was quite an emotive yet fast speech she delievered with happiness in her eyes.

With a gorgeous dress and pink heels to stand out within the public, Miley came to remember and thank for her time while on the show and deliver once more an outraging performance with incredible dancers and breathtaking props including her entrance in a real car. It really was quite exotic and dumbfounding which was exactly what our star was aiming for.

Nevertheless, I believe the best part of her winning such award was the fact that she is now able to confirm how important her Hannah Montana role is and how many kids around the world cherrish her for such. Her quitting the show is a decision she has taken and I know that even so she will get real far. She is a great actress and will achieve success in anything she puts her mind to. It is our time to support her and admire her for that which she wants to bec

This award is a great recognition and I know Miley thinks of it as such, specially because it was given to her by you: kids all around the world who really know who she is and what she is capable of.

So keep up with her and her life through our blog and catch the newest pictures, the best videos, and the greatest scoops right here!! Keep posted...

- Isabella Gonzalez

Monday, April 5, 2010

Getting Her Own Place

Miley had made a promise with her mom, Tish Cyrus that she was going to live with them until she was at least 20. However, Miley is now 17 and is moving out!
Miley bought a place really near her parents house in Toluca Lake, California, which will help her mom chill with Miley's decision. Tish doesn't love Miley's choice to move, and maybe moving near them will take her to accept this reality.

Miley says her house is going to be gorgeous since her mom is an interior designer. She says that "It's like if your mom's a clothes designer you're always going to look great. My mom's an interior designer so my house is going to be perfect all the time." They decided to make a cozy and relaxed space for the teens first home. Pillows are placed on the floor and other simple features were added to make this place as comfortable as possible. Miley wants to live somewhere where she doesn't feel like she's going to brake everything around.

Even though her new residence is still under reconstruction, rumors have told that the star plan on moving near her 18th birthday this November!

-Michelle Katz

Spectacular American Idol Performance

I am soooooo sorry I couldn't update you with what happened in American Idol, or anything else for that matter. I truly am so sorry but I was spending my spring break in a beautiful island that apparently cannot get connected to internet in any way.

Nevertheless, here I am and my task is to get you acquainted with all that happening in Miley's life. Let's begin where we left off: her performance in American Idol. I was so excited I couldn't take my eyes off the screen when the show came up. I got my camera and everything only to record her and, let me tell you, she truly was amazing. It is by far one of the best performances and one of the most suitable dresses that star has ever performed and shown. Singing her new release, "When I Look at You" she really proved to all that aside for her young age she really does have and enourmous talent and was an adequate mentor for the 11, now 10, finalists.

However, I believe that the best part of her performance were her words in which she not only helps the contestants keep going but as well shows to be one of them when she states that she couldn't even stand and be judged right there "face to face". I just loved the way she actually became one of them and gave them the energy to keep on going.

Aside from her act joe Jonas and Demi Lovato also performed and showed their value throught the new song "Make a Wave" that was truly catchy but that in no way outshown our star. The "couple of the moment" showed what they can do and gave the singers a few words of advice that will hopefully really help them further on.

At the end, another contestant had to leave and because of the fact that, acording to the judges, "it's got to a point where it's not working" Paige Milles had to leave the stage. Without even allowing her to perform because the judges claimed that regardless of what she sang she would go home (which was a unanimous decision) they simply adviced her to: "take yourself back to when we first saw you because you really genuinely has a great voice."

That was it, another contestant left and the 10 remaining will leave on tour with the recomendations set out by their mentor, Miley Cyrus, which we know and hope will help them in the near future.

-Isabella Gonzalez